Eat + Drink This : Episode 4, The Local Chicago Blue Cheese Fondue Chips

You know what sounds awesome after a long day of work? Having a beer or cocktail outside, watching people walk by, and snacking on something that just kicks ass.

I’d like to give a suggestion if you’re looking to scratch that same itch.

You’ve got to check out The Local Chicago who recently opened their patio in the Streeterville/Gold Coast area and now has alfresco dining until midnight.

We recently had the chance to hang out with Chef Travis Strickland and get a behind-the-scenes demonstration of him making The Local Chicago’s Blue Cheese Fondue Chips (check out our video).

My reaction after seeing the finished product – “Damn, this looks good.”

My reaction after having a bite – “Damn, this tastes good.”

I’ll be honest, I’m a sucker for anything involving blue cheese, so I might be slightly biased; however, this snack has great balance. Chef Strickland opted for a relatively mild blue cheese that doesn’t overpower the chips. The fact that you can taste the flavor of the crunchy chips only enhances the overall experience. Hats off to Chef Strickland.

In regards to The Local Chicago, Chef Strickland says, “… the restaurant is really American-based in theme. What that means to us is comfort food – not really a spin on it, but an update with great high quality ingredients. We’re using USDA Prime steaks, we’ve got an Amish Rotisserie Chicken Pot Pie, a USDA Prime meatloaf… and that’s what we’re going for – approachable food, done well, with the highest quality ingredients we can get.”

I was also introduced to a beer made by Two Brothers Brewing Company specifically for their restaurant called The Local Chicago Ale. I love the Two Brothers guys out in Warrenville and think that their Ale is perfect for the summer.

Curt Rose, who served up our beers and a cocktail or two, took great care of us (including Bryan Schulz – our videographer). Curt has been tending bar in the area for quiet a while now & we could tell we were in good hands. My guess is that he’s got some amazing stories to tell (maybe we’ll save that for another post).

Alpana Singh said in one of my previous interviews, “Who loves summer better than Chicagoans?” I couldn’t agree more and think The Blue Cheese Fondue Chips with some Two Brother’s “Local Chicago Ale” is a great way to spend some time outdoors.


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