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Eat + Drink This : Episode 4, The Local Chicago Blue Cheese Fondue Chips

You know what sounds awesome after a long day of work? Having a beer or cocktail outside, watching people walk by, and snacking on something that just kicks ass.

I’d like to give a suggestion if you’re looking to scratch that same itch.

You’ve got to check out The Local Chicago who recently opened their patio in the Streeterville/Gold Coast area and now has alfresco dining until midnight.

We recently had the chance to hang out with Chef Travis Strickland and get a behind-the-scenes demonstration of him making The Local Chicago’s Blue Cheese Fondue Chips (check out our video).

My reaction after seeing the finished product – “Damn, this looks good.”

My reaction after having a bite – “Damn, this tastes good.” Continue reading


Why BeerSnackBlog?

Chipotle + Lime Peanuts

I sit here with my 6 month old puppy laying on my lap, making it difficult to type. I’ve been thinking about what sort of articles or blog entries to write for our newly developed website over at my small food company Bee’s Knees Food Co.. Instead, I’ve decided to write on Beer Snack Blog about the intersection of food, drink and people.

I’m not a critic, although I have my opinions. I get annoyed by the word “foodie”, but love the art of food and the people who create it. I love beer, but don’t know enough to be considered a beer geek (I’m trying to get there, trust me). There are tons of sites out there that give amazing reports of beer events and restaurants – shout out to you all. Beer Snack Blog is not that.

Generally, the stories and experiences I’m going to share will be about what moves me when it comes to food and drink & the awesome people who make it enjoyable. I’ll share some ridiculously tasty recipes, amusing tidbits, and even business concepts; my hope is that this blog enables a connection and ability to share with amazing people in a deeper way.

This summer I had some awesome times at Chicago Craft Beer Week, Hop Juice Fest and hit up some tasty restaurants (a personal record of 6 restaurants in 2 nights of dinner – yeah, gained about 5 pounds), but am holding out for the quality stories that move me, so I can share them with you.

I’m not going to put out words just to do so. Like our foods at Bees Knees Food Co., I’m going to share what I think is quality and what I think resonates on a deeper level.